What is the silk-wrapped flower craft?

Silk-wrapped flowers are a traditional craft in Taiwan, originating from China. Using paper and silk, this technique has been handed down from generations and has hundreds of years of history. The “flower” is created by wrapping threads of silk around paper while shaping a flower. Traditionally, it has been a very important hair accessory for a girl who is getting married. Making a silk-wrapped flower needs a lot of patience and practice. By creating a wrapped flower as a hair accessory for her wedding, a future wife can demonstrate her future husband’s mother that she is a patient and talented person.


This handicraft is time-consuming and requires an enormous amount of patience as well as attention to detail. Since 1970, with the evolution of social patterns and lifestyle, machinery has replaced the traditional handiwork due to a booming manufacturing industry; wrapped flowers have therefore become an even rarer sight amid the hustle and bustle of modern society. Increasingly, traditional crafts are being lost; less and less people have the ability or want to learn how to create silk-wrapped flowers.

Since 2011, the silk-wrapped flowers craft is officially listed as a Taiwanese intangible cultural heritage.


Traditional silk-wrapped flowers

The original silk-wrapped flower is entwined with red threads in a size about 3cm, which is popularly used in festivals, especially in weddings.
Traditionally, women wear silk-wrapped flowers in their hair to show auspiciousness. In the wedding, different shapes of them represent the role in the new couple's new family and relatives.

* Fortune flowers represent fortune, prosperity, longevity, happiness and health.