MANDORLA combines the traditional craftsmanship with modern design, creates unique and stunning accessories and artworks. Also trying to improve the technique of wrapped flower in order to get over the problems of damage easily and difficult to maintain. 


We offer different silk-wrapped flower products:

  • Earrings

  • Hair accessories

  • Bridal tiaras

  • Fascinators  

  • Cocktail hats

  • Made to order accessories, artworks and decorations

About Mandorla Chen

5 years ago, I was introduced to the craft of "Silk-wrapped Flowers" in the Miaoli Branch of National Taiwan Craft Research & Development Institute when I was studying in the university in Taiwan. The beauty and the shiny surface of silk-wrapped flowers attracted me and made me fell in love with this craft. The technologist of silk-wrapped flowers, Yu-Jie Shi, taught me this craft for free and wished they could promote it to the next generation.

For many times, I combined the silk-wrapped flowers craft with the knowledge and skill I have into footwear design and created some stunning artworks. 5 years after, I settled down and got married in the UK. After 2 years working in other fashion companies, I decided to follow Yu-Jie Shi's guidance and founded my own silk-wrapped flowers studio in a foreign country. Because of my passion for design and this craft, I would like to introduce the beauty of it to more people who love arts and crafts and also wish to share the cultural meaning behind silk-wrapped flowers.

The beauty of the silk-wrapped flowers lies in the love and passion the crafter brings into every item.